Fugitive Emission Testing

 Yarmouth is the World Leader in Fugitive Emission testing. Our lab can perform all industry standards using methane or helium, including, but not limited to, API 624, API 641, ISO 15848, API 622, ChevronTexaco, TA-Luft-VDI 2440, ANSI/FCI 91-1, and ANSI/ISA S93.

Fire Testing

High temperature testing with flame temperatures up to 1800 degrees F and metal temperatures over 1400 degrees F can be achieved in our fire test over. Testing standards include, but are not limited to, American Petroleum Institute (API), British Standards (BS) as well as major oil company custom standards.

Cryogenic Testing

Cryogenic testing down to temperatures of -196C can be performed to valves unto 24 inches. BS6364 Part 2 is a common test standard. Cryogenic testing is often performed to prove valve designs for use in LNG plants.


Performance Testing

Some recent tests include:

ISO 15500-4 test for compressed natural gas has been performed.

Helium leakage testing by vacuum method down to 10-10 mbar-l/sec or sniffing method to 10-7mbar-l/sec.

API 19.3, Part D – Fugitive Emission Testing of deck seams for oil/gas storage tanks.

High pressure gas test to 15000 psig.

High pressure hydro test to 25,000 psig.

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